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The Hope Scuba 04:12
Touch Scuba, DOMiNii 01:23
Womb Scuba, DOMiNii 03:23
Forgive Me Scuba 05:39
Out Scuba, DOMiNii 02:51
This Is For You Scuba 07:49
Tips Scuba, DOMiNii 01:30
Tango Scuba, DOMiNii 03:23
Fish Scuba, DOMiNii 03:27
Weightlifters Car Seat Headrest, Scuba 05:06

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More than a decade into his storied career, Paul Rose aka Scuba is one of the most vital figures in electronic music. It remains that way thanks to his constant musical evolutions and always contrary perspectives. Five full length albums, a varied collection of EPs, and commercially available mix albums for Ostgut Ton, DJ Kicks and Fabric all prove this. They range from visceral bass and techno affairs to jubilant main room offerings and, more recently, take in a return to more percussive, increasingly introspective sounds such as his 2018 Caibu long player debut as SCB. As a DJ he is just as singular, and his entry into the fabric series proves that across 42 seamlessly stitched together tracks which take you to the heart of a foggy dance floor. Rose’s label also continues to plot a line between gritty dance floor 12”s and long lasting album experiences from a carefully curated selection of contemporary artists. Predicting the next step for this enigmatic artist is a fool’s errand, then, but that is what makes him so compelling.