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A Killers Killer (Remix) Ynx716, Conway the Machine, Graphwize 02:55
Everybody Eats B.a Badd, Conway the Machine, Graphwize 03:56
Try Me Da Inphamus Amadeuz, Graphwize, B.a Badd 05:11
Mob Ties (feat. Tedy Andreas & IceColdBishop) Graphwize, Tedy Andreas, IceColdBishop 03:06
Love Me Alive Pt IV Da Inphamus Amadeuz, Graphwize 04:01
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight Randall Rainez, Graphwize 03:14
The Fendi Dawg (feat. RU$h) Randall Rainez, Graphwize, RU$H 04:07


When it comes to finding dope producers a lot of artist have trouble looking in the right place, some times you just have to expand your search. Graph has somewhat of a eerie futuristic boombap sound with a gritty back drop and drum loops but can flip it at any moment and give you some hard 808 trap type shit.