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Stamp Gevaar Outblast, Catscan 05:03
Midnight Impact Promo, Catscan 05:04
WO III (Remastered) Catscan 04:07
Toch Welleuk Catscan, Promo, Promo & Catscan 05:57
The Daylight Burn Catscan 05:16
Down With The Real Predator, Predator and Catscan, Catscan 03:00
Modular Capacity [Mix Cut] Catscan 02:07
Gates Of Hell [Mix Cut] Catscan 02:29
Masters Catscan, Catscan and Decipher, Decipher 03:25
Cre8tiv Counter Catscan 06:12

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Catscan is one of the most important hardcore artists of the past 15 years. When hardcore constructed its own downfall, Bart Kok managed to develop himself into one of the most innovative producers, which led to huge hits like “WOIII”, “Capture In Distress” and “The World Is Mine”. After leaving The Third Movement and PAM, Catscan joined Masters of Hardcore and continued delivering state of the hard-core. He is responsible for bangers like “Sonic Arrays”, “Fire & Ice” and “Impending Doom”. Next to his solo-productions and performances, Catscan is also part of hardcore’s hottest joint venture: the Masters Elite live-act with Angerfist and Outblast.