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Get Up (feat. Léa Paci) Diva Faune, Léa Paci 03:30
Would You Stand by me (feat. Claire Denamur) Diva Faune, Claire Denamur 03:16
Shine On My Way (feat. Matoo Yega) Diva Faune, Matoo Yega 03:22
Get Up (feat. Justin Courbon) Diva Faune, Justin Courbon 03:31
Get Up Diva Faune 03:25
Shooting To The Stars Diva Faune 03:13
Shine on my Way Diva Faune 03:23
Shooting To The Stars (feat. Clara Doxal) Diva Faune, Clara Doxal 03:21
The Age of Man Diva Faune 03:49
Would You Stand by me (feat. Claire Denamur) Diva Faune, Claire Denamur 02:55

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Get Up !

par Diva Faune

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Shine on my Way
Get Up
The Age of Man
Push It

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Diva Faune consists of singer-songwriter Yogan Le Fouler-Barthel and guitarist Jérémy Benichou. On stage, this electronic influenced rock-folk project takes shape with two guitars or one guitar and a keyboard, along with two voices (Yogan: lead vocals and Jeremy : back up vocals). The release of Diva Faune’s EP is planned for 2016. For the upcoming record they are working with producer Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure…). Diva Faune performed in London in July. Amongst the well-known concert venues where Diva Faune has performed in France are Bus Palladium, Trois Baudets, Bellevilloise and Flèche d’Or (Paris). In 2014 Diva Faune opened for Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) at the 8th annual JustRock festival in Lyon. They also opened for Chris Pureka in an acoustic show earlier in the year.