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La Teuf du Farfadet Guigoo, Mat Weasel Busters, Farfaders 04:14
Asian Tek Foundation Farfaders, Guigoo, Mat Weasel Busters 03:51
Bongotek Guigoo 07:04
Japanese Nightclub Guigoo, Dr. Peacock 03:40
Scottish Party Farfaders, Guigoo, Mat Weasel Busters 03:30
Outta Space Guigoo 08:34
French Revolution Guigoo, Floxytek 03:50
Marijuana Guigoo 06:10
Bohemian Prayer Floxytek, Guigoo 04:10
Pump Friction Guigoo 07:18

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Guigoo has been for a number of years one of the most prominent figures of the hardtek/Raggatek scene. A musician at heart, Guigoo likes to integrate instruments he is playing himself in his productions such as piano or Scratches. Member of Narkotek Sound System since 2000 and Fant4stik band since 2013, Guigoo likes to explore new sounds and share his music on festivals.