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Do the Right Thing Shuko, Hannah V 02:01
Nagoya Nights Shuko, Kid Tarô 02:01
Motel Hours Shuko, Kid Tarô 02:02
Summer Breeze Shuko, Ruck P 02:44
Kopi Luwak Shuko, Dr. Dundiff 02:09
Blue Skies Shuko, Ruck P 02:05
Caminhada De Inverno Shuko, Basti 02:20
O Bem do Mar Shuko, Keymer 02:31
Pull the Trigger Shuko 03:52
Ipanema Philippe Guérin, Shuko 02:11

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Shuko is a german based beatmaker, producer, songwriter and film composer. He done work for acts like talib kweli, anderson paak, snoop, b-real of cypress hill, cl. smooth, evidence of the dilated people, jedi mind tricks and many more. He is also owner of the music label "For The Love Of It" Shuko describes himself as a sucker for those 90s samplers and vintage synth which plays a big role in his musically journey. In 2019 he signed with Timbaland on his monomusicgroup imprint and created samples for acts like @ChanceTheRapper @Ludacris @AndersonPaak and many more.