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Deathmask Angerfist, Drokz 05:43
Poppin' Drokz 03:31
Hardcore, Bitches, 40's And Blunts Drokz, Partyraiser 05:09
Bloodbath Drokz 04:33
Demonstrate [Mixed] Drokz 02:08
My Shit Is Dope Drokz 02:34
I Was Born Hardcore And Raised To Be Terror Drokz 02:51
The Groove Of The Electronic Music Drokz 04:24
WTF Drokz 04:57
I'm Coming To Take Out All Of Y'all Drokz 02:26

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When Drokz started he had one goal: making loud music! With his fast kicks that reaches from 190 bpm till 250bpm he crashes every party. After a smashing career as MC and DJ his love for the music grew. After a while he started to only focus on producing and his DJ career. So it is a fact, with him on stage, and to see the passion this guy has for this music, makes it an experience to see him perform! With his full time job and producing he has only time for 2 performances each month. He only wants to play at party's that accompany his feelings for this music. So if you book Drokz, you will get him exclusive. If he decides to come to your party, he thinks that your party is worth it to be crashed by Drokz!