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Johan Vilborg is a audio engineer, producer and DJ based in Stockholm, Sweden. He started out borrowing his father’s old turntables back in 1999 and quickly got his first taste for electronic music. 2003 was the year he stumbled across FL Studio, in which he quickly immersed himself and started creating his own music. Throughout the years he has gathered a lot of experience, from releasing music on some of the best labels in Trance & Progressive, as well as graduating from an Audio Engineering study at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International). The result of the latter was to garner essential knowledge in all aspects of sound engineering and music. Johan’s music is known for uplifting and powerfully melodic chord progressions and bouncy grooves. Yet, it is versatile enough to not only be played at clubs and festivals, but also on road trips and during beachside moments of relaxation. Johan’s productions have earned tremendous global recognition. His remix of Dinka’s “Lotus - Johan Vilborg Remix” for Silk Music was featured as “Record of the Week” on Above & Beyond’s “Trance Around The World” radio show (now “Group Therapy”). The single went on to reach the top of the Beatport Trance charts for many weeks to follow.