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Avishai Grinbaum , 25 years old is the man behind this amazing project called "SAJANKA". his professional musical career began at 2014. When he focused on the style he loved and inspired from, Psytrance music. He started to write his own music in 2014, after he finished his studies on sound & Production school. his style is very unique, melodic ethnic trance that open the soul and mind. Massive grooves, amazing vocals and harmonical stories inspired from lots of musical cultures in one psychedelic project that keeps you on the dance floor to dance and feel ! his Hottest Hits, "Mystical Electric", "Jumpa Lumpa" & "Tana Num". already played around the globe and turned to be huge hits in many countries. Avishai now working hard to create more new music for your soul. Join the journey, ENJOY and don't forget to SHARE