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Britt Lari

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Top titres de l'artiste

i'm sad you're sad Arinity, Bimini, Britt Lari 03:12
Alone Vowed, Britt Lari 02:44
Daylight Soundwaves, Hysaze, Britt Lari 03:30
Lose My Mind JYYE, Britt Lari 02:31
Talk Coopex, EQRIC, Britt Lari 02:36
Sweet But Psycho Robbe, DJSM, CPX, Britt Lari 02:39
You Broke Me First Coopex, Britt Lari 02:49
Faded Luxe Agoris, Imallryt, Britt Lari 02:46
Kings & Queens Robbe, New Beat Order, Britt Lari 02:35
Nightmare Poylow, Britt Lari 02:16

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Peruvian-born and LA based artist, Britt Lari, is a singer, songwriter, and producer of introspective EDM. Britt’s music has earned features from hit music radio stations like SiriusXM Chill to Spotify editorial playlists like Dance Brandneu. She has collaborated with high profile artists from all over the world and signed music to multiple labels including Sony, Warner, NCS, and Lowly.