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Over one year ago, in the murky streets of the underground, two clandestine and dangerous figures stumbled upon each other. Pooling their resources, they founded a fierce and furious movement that was trifling at first, however grew to unprecedented proportions… Now, as time has passed, these ‘Original Sinners’ have executed several insubordinate missions around the globe. Causing havoc globally in The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Chile, Austria, Belgium and more, these badass brothers in crime never fail to leave the crowd in shivers. Sporting a collection of class-a weapons such as "Crowd's Gotta Move," "Start The Rage," "Deadly Combo" and their infamous "Original Sinners" album, Public Enemies never cease to torture each and every sound system with blistering beats! Prepared to unleash their wildest weapons on the streets, if you didn’t FEAR the Public Enemies before, then you certainly will now.