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Down Low Champane, CATALI 03:27
Fire CATALI 03:11
Count on Me CATALI 02:47
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With a music style as mixed as her background, singer and songwriter CATALI gives us hooky toplines, combined with a sexy and strong female vocal. Pop is the main genre but she's not afraid of combining different styles to create fresh and unexpected sounds. This 24 year old with roots that go back to America, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Italy, studied contemporary music at ACM in Guildford, England. When she returned to her current base in Amsterdam, she landed a publishing deal with Ogilc Publishing - BMG Talpa Music in Holland and went full focus on her songwriting and singing career. After a list of successful collaborations such as Secrets by LNY TNZ ft. CATALI and being the voice in Campsite Dream’s top track Little Do You Know, CATALI decided it was time to release her own music. In every song she writes CATALI never holds back, and in her lyrics she’s not afraid to bring up touchy subjects. “I’ve always respected honesty in other people, and I think it’s so important to never let things remain unsaid. Music is such a beautiful way of communication and I hope my lyrics can inspire and support others”. Not planning on taking a step back, this driven and courageous artist is all about taking risks to get where she wants to go. “I have these concepts and creations in my mind, which I hope and wish to be able to share with the world one day, that’s what music is all about".