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Breathe Wilsonlikethevolleyball, Daym 04:14
Expedition Wilsonlikethevolleyball 03:30
Alien Wilsonlikethevolleyball 03:08
Out of Place Wilsonlikethevolleyball 03:42
Slingshot 'Round the Sun (feat. Kemo) Wilsonlikethevolleyball, Kemo 04:06
Launch Wilsonlikethevolleyball 03:00
Night Shift Wilsonlikethevolleyball 02:43
Thick Iron Fog Wilsonlikethevolleyball 03:31

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Slingshot 'Round the Sun (feat. Kemo)




wilsonlikethevolleyball is an artist, musician, and supernerd who stays up far too late creating worlds in their bedroom. An inter-dimensional explorer, wilsonlikethevolleyball demonstrates tactical skill in Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and Minecraft. wilsonlikethevolleyball chases organic and body shaking sound design to ever capture the ordeals of the human experience and act as blissful catharsis to those in need of release. A capable disaster on both the guitar and the skateboard, wilsonlikethevolleyball's digitally centered 1200 watt feel will shake your stage and adequately prepare you for the dawn of the age of AI Overlords. 

 also this is wil writing this, thanks for stopping by, glad you’re listening to the music :)