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Phela Celestial Seekane ( Born October 1, 1986) Known Alias HeYeM (H.I.M) is a South African rapper, self taught beat maker, self taught graphic designer, philosopher and innovator. Born in the Free State in Witsieshoek normally known as Phuthaditjhaba Qwaqwa. Seekane as a young man grew up listening to Kwaito more than any other genres of music and late in the 90's by the time He had found motivation to write his own Kwaito songs, He was introduced to the music of an American hip hop group from Cleveland Ohio (Bone Thugs -N- Harmony) and started listening to listening to more of hip hop throughout the Millennium festivities. By the year 2002 that's when He started writing his own hip hop songs and formed a duo with back then McLawrence ( Thulani L Kgomo now a House dj/producer). The duo went by the name McThugs and went on to in Highschool functions and the local radio station (Qwaqwa radio) then a year later they both founded a crew of 5 members by the name BLT (Buddies Living Together). The crew BLT performed at the MEC's presentation of the June 16 National Youth Day Celebration and local concerts By 2006 crew broke up and HeYeM left to Bloemfontein and then met up with a rapper by the name Mpho Moqolo (Face Unseen) Not only to become friends but co-producers and rappers at a label founded by Face Unseen (Amatola entertainment) Then went on to do gigs at pubs and clubs around Bloemfontein including the Mangaung public hall shows, the Macufe Arts and Crafts festivals and the UOFS Ground Control. Shared stages With artists like Preke, Naycha, Kulax, Mr London, and Mr Lu to name a few. In 2014 February the 14th Seekane got assaulted with stones to which almost led to his death but survived and later carried on with his music career and met with Vho Hatso (House dj) who got him a gig at Motheo Fm and then met with Buss P Beats (Producer) Seekane made a song "for my city" and worked with P Beats on a remix. Now he is an A&R executive and the first artist to Rich Minds Forever...