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Heritage Raidho 07:12
Calling the Wind (Original Mix) Raidho 08:04
Secret Garden Raidho 07:34
Heart Raidho 07:43
Calling the Wind (Original Mix) Raidho 05:02
Dreamin feat. T.Etno Raidho, T.Etno 07:45
Tarantula Raidho, T.Etno 07:22
Munilea Raidho 07:59
Rain Drops Raidho, Peter Gundry 09:12
Dreamin feat. T.Etno Raidho, T.Etno 08:48



Raidho is one of the twenty-four runes that comprise the oldest form of the runic alphabets. It represent important changes and personal development in all spheres of life. Raidho is a manifestation of rhythm and cosmic equilibrium, determined by the cyclical movement of sunrise and sunset and the changing seasons. It supports and surrounds the protection of dreams, it also helps in their proper sense. This is where the name of the new musical project came into being, founded by one of the already known tech house artists – Simon Mattson. Inspired by the music of such producers as Satori, Sabo, Acid Pauli, Bedouin and Rampue - slower electronic music with ethnic elements. In his recent work and sets you can expect magical raptures, hypnotic sounds and ethnic vocals. The first EP was released by the Bar25 music label, which is named after the legendary Berlin Bar25 Club. All the tracks from the release got featured in Top30 Electronica / Downtempo Charts on Beatport and was supported by such names as Acid Pauli, Audiofly, Blond:Ish, Be Svendsen, Kora (CA) to name a few...