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"Daym is an appellation derived from the word ‘dame’ and there is a reoccurring theme with this artist that involves the ambiguity of identity. Making light of the macabre, this artist tends to embrace life's impermanence with reckless abandon. LSTN, Azul, and NHF are all self produced songs. The fourth single 'Critical' is due for a 2018 release with a video. As a multi-instrumentalist, there’s an musical undertone of resilience through the vessels of nostalgia and self reflection. These DIY sounds and textures grasp at the 90's. This exploratory brand of agit-pop accompanies a sense of ego death, as a means to connect beyond the limits of self. Miquiztli, a symbol of death serves as the sigil behind the artist. It’s a means to represent rebirth and new beginnings that are present in everyone."