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Live My Life (feat. Phundo Art & Kauwboy) Fabz Pi, Phundo Art, Kauwboy 03:12
Feel Alive Fabz Pi 02:34
Had A Bad Night But It's OK (feat. Suwayt) Fabz Pi, M3, Suwayt 02:52
Press Play (feat. OffTheHills & Kauwboy) Fabz Pi, OffTheHills, Kauwboy 03:21
GALACTOMY (feat. Ronavella) Fabz Pi, M3, Ronavella 04:09
MARADONA Fabz Pi, M3 02:43
NiBiRU (Planet X) [feat. Youp] Fabz Pi, On The Fence, Youp 02:50
Sunset Bkk, Fabz Pi 03:22
READY FOR TAKE OFF Fabz Pi, M3 02:40
WAIT?! Fabz Pi, M3 01:48