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Lucky Luke

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Cooler Than Me Lucky Luke 02:59
Cooler Than Me Lucky Luke 03:29
Game Lucky Luke, Duke Luke 02:19
What's Up Gaullin, Lucky Luke 02:27
Drüg Lucky Luke, Emie 03:39
Top Down Gaullin, Lucky Luke, Tim North 02:26
F.E.E.L. Lucky Luke 03:24
Going Down Gabry Ponte, Lucky Luke, Kevin Palms 02:48
Wonderwall Lucky Luke 03:35
Cherry Cola Gaullin, Lucky Luke 02:22

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The young and rebellious music producer Lucky Luke has already won sympathy from his fans across Europe, as well as rapidly gaining popularity in other parts of the world. His recordings have been counting millions of streams on major music platforms to this date and are most popular in Germany. 
 Lucky Luke hit the jackpot first with his track called 'Lyd (Like You Do).' It was published by the well-known label Lithuania HQ in 2017 January. By continuing to work intensively with this record company, he released even more outstanding music and became one of the leading artists on that label. Another such remarkable track - 'Cooler Than Me' - has been noticed by the music industry giant Sony Music, who took part in significantly developing the track, which made its popularity skyrocket and spread widely as a hit. 'Cooler Than Me' was followed by works like 'Wonder wall,' 'Feel,' and 'Drug.' Fans from all around the Globe much appreciated all these tracks, which brought fame to the performer. Undoubtedly, this producer should be represented as a creator of dark electronic music as well, undoubtedly well advanced in his creative work.