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The brothers Florent and Jean-Noël Dasque and Jérémie Plante have known each other since childhood, and it was music that connected them from the beginning. Although initially being drawn to different styles, all three of them took up multiple instruments – including guitar, piano, and drums. The trio has composed for different famous French artists, produced four albums for their high school band BDA, and rank among the super heavyweights of the French music scene with almost 100 million audio and video streams, No.1 airplay as well as Gold and Platinum awards for their commercial singles. They have also won the French equivalent to the Grammy Award, “Victoires de la Musique”. Unbridled musical openness, lots of creative energy and many years of live experience inevitably led to another brilliant vision: during a trip from Europe all the way to Brazil via New York and California in 2018, the Dasque brothers and Plante came up with the idea of fusing live-recorded electro, pop and urban music into something completely fresh and new. The question was: Would it be possible to blend electronic and organic music in such an airtight way that all genre borders dissolve in French savoir vivre? Born in between the continents, Trackhead is growing up as a city kid – perfectly connected. After their first hit, “Down Below” with Swedish singer-songwriter Martin Stahl, Trackhead is now releasing their new single “Miss You Everyday”, which is perfectly poised to hook the rest of the world as well, with a playfully sensual guitar riff, light-footedly sauntering towards us, while at the same time telling a mysterious story about the end of a relationship. Trackhead reveals only this much: “It’s about this impossible last goodbye. About the sad realization that it's time to let go after a lot of love and a lot of pain – even though you’ll miss the other person every day of your life.“