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Black Book ORI 03:31
N & D Chaika, ORI, Getamilli 02:47
Better Days (Remix) ORI 02:58
Water ORI 03:12
Ucube ORI 02:10
Doomed ORI 02:36
Alicaklari var sanki ORI 02:41
Solo ORI 03:33
Ben bi bataklığım ORI 02:48
Coconut CRZE, ORI 03:48

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Ori Alboher was born in Jerusalem and has been making music under the stage name ORI since 2012. ORI is a D.I.Y kind of guy, his creation is the core and the essence of his life, he makes his music, from composing through recording to production, all by himself in a ritual like manner. Listening to ORI's music is drifting away to the sound of his heart and his unique voice while trying to swim in the current threatening to drown you. ORI makes his music in his home studio creating and producing his own beats and sound and accompanying himself with vocal harmonies and a variety of samples. Moving through different musical genres like R&B, Soul, Pop, Dream-Pop & Electro-Pop, ORI's music is extraordinary and it is not afraid to expose us to our deepest and most real emotions, a sweet sorrow that won't let go of us, yet we cannot help but want more of it. In 2012 following the break-up of his band 'Folo', ORI embarked on a new independent journey recording and releasing his debut album 'Unwind' in Israel, the album received great reviews around the world, yet ORI's music remained a well kept secret in the underground Jerusalem music scene for the most part. In the past five years since, ORI has been living and creating in Berlin, playing nonstop shows around Europe gathering a growing and devote crowd of followers, with club shows and festivals all over Europe and Israel. On November 3rd ORI release his new album '1986'. 1986' drifts between Electronic, R&B, Pop & Ambient music, mixing organic & electronic soundscapes. ORI shares himself through his music with a soft voice, manipulated vocals, loops and beats. Building up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures that pull the listener into his music while forming moods oscillating between intimacy and distant depths, ORI soaks us in a pleasant ocean yet we’re struggling to keep our breath. All songs were created & produced by ORI himself.