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Hell On Earth KAS:ST 06:28
Hold Me To The Light KAS:ST, Be No Rain 06:38
Insomnia KAS:ST 06:51
Hold Me To The Light KAS:ST, Be No Rain 08:25
Road To Nowhere KAS:ST 07:14
The First Time KAS:ST, Kerri Chandler 07:32
Our Last Dance KAS:ST, Hansom Eli 05:21
75ZOO KAS:ST 05:49
A Magic World KAS:ST 06:06

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Navigating their own way through the Techno nebula KAS:ST aesthetics becomes stronger at every step. From their highly acclaimed Road To Nowhere first Album in 2019 to remixing Moby through producing dance floor favorite EP « Hold Me To The Light » KAS:ST now also write and direct their own music videos. Cumulating +20M streams of on their previous album and strong of multi million plays music videos, their second album A Magic World, released in December 2020, are proving KAS:ST to be one of the most exciting electronic acts of the moment