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Kyokushin (ASOT 817) DARVO 03:32
Black Rainbow (ASOT 824) DARVO 03:38
Wandering Flames DARVO 03:19
Black Rainbow (Mix Cut) DARVO 03:26
Final Heaven DARVO 06:12
Kyokushin DARVO 03:44

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DARVO is a Polish DJ and electronic music producer. In the past he has been producing his music under the Dereck Recay name and Darius Romanowski. He is one of the leading representatives of the trance genre among Poland which as one of few is supported by the world known icon of clubbing music – Armin Van Buuren. His beginnings and long-term experience leading through the decisive year of 2000 when the technic of producing this type of music was very poor than it is nowadays. Follow DARVO on Facebook , Twitter , Soundcloud , Instagram , Snapchat and Youtube.