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Rafael Castillo, better known as "De La Ghetto" in the urban world, was born in New York City at the beginning of the 1980s and is a resident of Puerto Rico where he’s lived since his teens. Son of a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, this young artist and entrepreneur brings with him a deeply ingrained Latin culture which has impacted his original style of making music. Thanks to his bilingual education and influences from various musical styles predominant in American culture like Rap, hip-hop, Rock and Funk, De La Ghetto has established himself as the King of Spanish R & B and Hip Hop, showing great versatility to fuse these influences with Latin music, managing to implement new styles into Reggaeton (in its various forms) and Trap (musical style of South Atlanta, a growing trend among young Hispanics). As a businessman, he is actively dedicated to composition and musical production, has his own independent record label, maintains his booking company and works on developing his own line of clothing and accessories. Soon he will launch a new studio album, including various genres and more important collaborations. Determined to stand firm in his "movement" ("Mi Movimiento" - name of the expected, upcoming production), De La Ghetto stays at the top of his musical career.