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REFENTSE INVITES YOU TO A SOUL-DEEP JOURNEY, PUSHES BOUNDARIES WITH “WANDEL IN MY WONING” Refentse’s brand new album, “Wandel in my woning” is a masterpiece of colour-rich diversity – one that invites you into the deepest chambers of his heart. It shows that he’s going full steam ahead in making music for a good kuier, but also that he’s geared to challenge what we know about music and lyrics, truly create something new and push boundaries in giant leaps. In the eleven tracks that the album comprises, love is celebrated, common ground is explored, the good things in life enjoyed, stereotypes confronted and the search for that which is deeper and higher than ourselves is translated into music with striking honesty and vulnerability. The album is just as rich in language- and music style diversity as it is in content - with Afrikaans, English, Sesotho, Zulu, rock, boeremusiek, mbaqanga, reggae, techno, alternative, rock ‘n roll, a good dose of rap and more spending some quality time in each other’s company – and consistently surprises with unusual progressions and unexpected twists. It’s deeply poetic, experimental, tongue in cheek and an upbeat kind of fun, all at the same time!