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Titres de l'album

Playback (Nu Raverz Remix) Sterling Void, Supernova 07:58
No Matter What (Mac Da Knife Remix) Harry "The It" Dennis 06:02
I Know You I Live You (DJ Big Dose TV Remix) Xaviera Gold, Sydney, Groove Addix, Lukez 04:23
Alright (Sean Smith Smooth Agent Mix) Curtis McClain 05:58
I'm Not Strong Enough (Joe Smooth Remix) Sterling Void, Rona Ray 05:34
Fonk Face (Original Mix) Steve Miggedy Maestro 07:56
Grey Afternoon (Original Mix) SoulDeep Inc., Jerry C King, Harry Dennis 08:07
Mindpower Soul Slide (Soul Slide Mix) E.S.P. 04:32
Alright (Matteo Candura Mix) Curtis McClain 07:37
The House Music Anthem "The Italian Connection" (Funky Mad Team Remix) Curtis "Move Your Body" Mcclain 08:50