Album picture of Smooth Vibes, Vol. 3 (Chillout Moments)

Smooth Vibes, Vol. 3 (Chillout Moments)



Titres de l'album

Nina (Sun Chill Mix) Dorian Peterson 02:39
Hope (Chillout Beatz Mix) Felix Richardson 03:12
Best Concert (New York Chill Mix) Jeke Jansen 06:23
When You Kiss Me (Blue Chill Mix) Konnor Sullivan 04:55
Moment Of Truth (London Chill Edit) Milton Diaz 05:54
God Save My Shoes (Sander Preston's Chillout Mix) Eldon De Baker 03:31
Lonely Night (Red Chill Mix) Herbie Ross 05:15
The World On Time (Candid Elements Mix) Grand Magic 03:33
Drop a Bomb on Me (Original Chill Mix) Al Murphy 05:45
Step By Wrapped (Red Chill Mix) Otis King 04:58