Album picture of Funk Soul Unknowns (The Rare Grooves)

Funk Soul Unknowns (The Rare Grooves)



Titres de l'album

One More Time You All Nu-Sound Express Ltd. 03:01
Clap & Hustle Reality 05:13
Make Your Move Wild Wind 03:18
L.A. Happening Chuck Bridges And The L.A. Happening 02:50
The Same Thing (Makes You Laugh Makes You Cry) Sly & The Family Stone 02:35
Happiness Rudy Love & The Company Soul 03:04
Must Be Funk Bobby Glenn 03:44
I'm Your Pimp Skull Snaps 04:06
Soul Brother Party (Part 1 and 2) Bobby Williams 06:33
Party Bump (Part One) Gentlemen And Their Ladies 03:11