Album picture of Heart to Heart Chillout

Heart to Heart Chillout

Ramon Fuentes Nieto


Titres de l'album

Lazy (Urban Lounge Mix) Lofty Right 04:27
Moog in Your Heart (Chillout Mix) RFN 03:51
Loving You (Playa Mix) Fexayne 04:03
Sorrow and Joy (Pulse Version) Dalia 04:18
My Dreams (Piano Orchester Edit) Pharell Hingans 03:43
Smooth Symphony (Rhodes Edit) Zara Bandit 04:27
Spanish Cello (Instrumental Remix) Jose Santonios 03:56
Right Now (Sweet Lovin' Edit) Miss B.T. 03:36
Sunset Dream Dreamlounger 04:08
Out of the Dark (Whitman Edit) RFN 05:30