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Titres de l'album

The End of the World Bsharry 05:48
Pump Up the Sound (Bsharry Remix) Mauro Del Principe, Dr. Feelx 05:20
Kids Are Cryin' for the World Proff 07:06
You've Got to Hear Me (Enzo Saccone Original Mix) Enzo Saccone 05:28
Chrono Francis Wheat, Justyn Jenkins 06:02
Come Here (Fever Brothers Remix) A.D., Daman, Elove Taylor 06:33
All I Need Is You (Oxio Remix) Joy & Brown, Sean Rumsey 03:43
Mind Blown (Bsharry Edit Remix) Noelia 03:38
Kiss You (Dub Mix) Dibiza, Shaharah 04:50
Cosmic (Radio Edit) Fabio Excited, Silvie 04:21