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Scifi Chillout



Titres de l'album

Leave the Light On (Chillwave Mix) Quick Impact, Stelar Pryd 03:57
Talking Toy (Robot Man Electronic Lounge Mix) Talking Toy, Heads Isotype 04:06
Waves in Plasma Mr. Einstein 04:26
First Day (Enigmatic Dubstep Chill Mix) Roleystone, Rebel Angel 04:04
Midnight Channels (Downbeat Afterhour Chill Mix) Robert J. Wilson, Swish Swish 04:20
Confusion (Nighttrip Dance Mix) Dragnet 03:39
Out of Place The Thin Man 04:52
A Second or Two (Middle of a Memory Mix) Electric Echoes, LUV 04:25
Color Me White (Trippin Tropical Mix) Kling One 04:31
Lovers and Friends (Trippin Electronic Mix) College Of Dreams 04:03