Album picture of Chillout Lounge - The Sunset Edition

Chillout Lounge - The Sunset Edition



Titres de l'album

Smooth Nights (Ibiza Night Club - Live) Jazz Chillerz 03:59
Sunset Dream (Original Version) Dreamlounger 04:08
Romance in Ibiza (Orchester Lite Edit) Gabriela Mendez Fuente 04:43
Oh My Soul (Gospel Version) G8 Soulbrothers 04:51
Arabic Nights (Soulshifters Video Edit) Tom Greyhair 05:54
Nightbar (Live Mix) Lounge O Matic 04:36
Sounds for You (Space Night Dub) Ernesto Gonzalez Jr 05:11
Hang Up, Feel Free (Lounge Mix) Liquid Kings 05:27
Orient Wake Up (Panjabi Dc Remix) Herger Van Der Glock 04:18
Sensationel Vibes (Musicbox Edit) One Cafe 06:03