Album picture of Best Of Vocal Trance Remixes 2015

Best Of Vocal Trance Remixes 2015



Titres de l'album

Fortress (Dan Stone Remix) Ost & Meyer, Ost & Meyer, Ronski Speed and Cate Kanell, Ronski Speed, Cate Kanell 07:07
Beautiful Nothing (Driftmoon Remix) Radion6, Radion6 and Katty Heath, Katty Heath 06:12
Let Your Heart Beat Home (Lence & Pluton Remix) Nitrous Oxide, Nitrous Oxide and Neev Kennedy, Neev Kennedy 06:35
Never Let You Down (Cold Rush Remix) Tenishia, Tenishia and Susana, Susana 06:33
Your Land (Denis Kenzo Remix) Emanuele Braveri, Emanuele Braveri and Hanna Finsen, Hanna Finsen 06:20
Canyon (Rafael Frost Remix) Invalyd, Jonny Rose 06:04
Seen It All (Estiva Remix) Ronski Speed, Sir Adrian 06:48
Incomplete (Allen & Envy Remix) Dart Rayne, Dart Rayne, Cathy Burton and Yura Moonlight, Cathy Burton, Yura Moonlight 06:39
The Heart That Never Sleeps (Allen Watts Remix) Allen & Envy, Jess Morgan 06:36
A Little Rain (Allen & Envy Remix) Mike Shiver, Mike Shiver and Shannon Hurley, Shannon Hurley 06:50