Album picture of Vocal Trance Gems, Vol. 4

Vocal Trance Gems, Vol. 4



Titres de l'album

When You Won't Come Home (Radio Edit) Beat Service, Jess Morgan 03:30
For You To Wake Up (Radio Edit) Denise Rivera, Denise Rivera and Dennis Pedersen, Dennis Pedersen 03:47
Perfect Run (Gems Edit) Allen & Envy, Allen & Envy and Elles de Graaf, Elles de Graaf 03:53
Leap of Faith (Radio Edit) Kaimo K, Kaimo K and Gemma Pavlovic, Gemma Pavlovic 03:01
Ever True (The Other Edit) Tenishia, Tenishia and Ana Criado, Ana Criado 04:13
One With You (Stoneface & Terminal Radio Edit) Ronski Speed, Ronski Speed and Syntrobic featuring Elizabeth Egan, Syntrobic, Elizabeth Egan 03:50
For You (Video Edit) Stoneface & Terminal, Stoneface & Terminal and Ellie Lawson, Ellie Lawson 03:33
Start A Fire (Johan Malmgren Radio Edit) Aruna 03:51
Northern Lights (Radio Edit) Tucandeo, Tucandeo and Esmee Bor Stotijn, Esmee Bor Stotijn 03:20
Step Towards The Within (Edit) Dart Rayne, Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight and Cynthia Hall, Yura Moonlight, Cynthia Hall 03:32