Album picture of Soulmates




Titres de l'album

Freedom STJ 06:35
My Moon (Garden of Soul Mix) STJ, Gerith Sommer 05:09
Night Letter (Gypsy Lounge Mix) STJ, Aaron The Baron, Denisa Stanislav 04:15
She Believes (Soul Radio Mix) STJ, Liba 03:44
Undone (Soul Radio Mix) STJ, Kerstin Trimmel 03:30
Cold Outside (Chillout Mix) STJ, Francesca Mannyng 04:54
Follow Me (Chill Lounge Mix) STJ, Hide The Blemish 04:30
Hold On (Pure Acoustic Mix) Aaron The Baron, STJ, Kerstin Trimmel 03:44
Jazz out of Jail (Addicted to Music) STJ, Inusa Dawuda 05:28
Can't Wait Too Long (Beach Club Mix) STJ, Trice 04:53