Album picture of Downtempo Darkness (Mystical Electronic Lounge Selection)

Downtempo Darkness (Mystical Electronic Lounge Selection)



Titres de l'album

Lie Down in Darkness (Chillout Terrace Mix) Strange in Blue 04:56
How Much I Need You (Darkness Downbeat Mix) Dark Decks 04:22
Counting the Cost (Dark Cinematic Chill Cut) Gothica Electronica, Scum Tripped 04:22
Tears in Blue Rain (Lounge Electronica Mix) Children Of The Cosmos 04:15
Cold Ocean Memories (Tomorrow Switcode Mix) Moon Pub, Skrillskin 04:02
A Second or Two (Middle of a Memory Mix) Electric Echoes, LUV 04:25
Quiet Little Town (Chillax Mix) Rabbit Hole 04:38
From Now On (Sentimental Cinematic Mix) X-Vacancy 05:33
So Suddenly. (Electronica Vocal Mix) Florence Farnsworth, Amy Rockabye 04:24
Fool (Electronic Downbeat Mix) Nestor Freeborn, Clean Bone 04:22