Album picture of Triptronica Lounge - Finest Downbeat Electronica

Triptronica Lounge - Finest Downbeat Electronica



Titres de l'album

Color Me White (Trippin Tropical Mix) Kling One 04:31
Wings (Triptronic Lounge Mix) Late Night Circus 04:18
A Good Friday (Lounge Trippy Mix) Cluster One 04:06
Tell Me What (Mystic Massive Triphop Vocal Mix) Gwendolyn Simone 04:04
Everything Changed (Deep Electronic Chillin' Mix) Loretta Crouch 04:24
Aquatic Dream (Trippin New Age Mix) Talking Toy 04:43
Lovers And Friends (Trippin Electronic Mix) College Of Dreams 04:03
Mighty Eye (Trippin Electronica Mix) Out Of Balance, E-Loy 03:54
Spring Will Come (Psychedelic Night Trip Mix) Robert J. Wilson 04:22
Wide River (Psychedelic Trip Hop Mix) Regina Stevens 04:24