Album picture of House Desires!, Vol. 5

House Desires!, Vol. 5



Titres de l'album

You Are (Chocco Mix) Anthony Chocco 03:01
Today Is Better (Forgotten Yesterdays Mix) Klimt 03:12
Round and Round (The House Circle Mix) French Riviera, Baja 03:12
Dekka T (The Choons Mix) Sandra T 03:04
The First Class (Class Beats) Good Mind 02:59
You Come into My Life (Sonya's Passion) Sonya Casta 03:02
Zumbon (Smile All Night Mix) El Negrito 03:08
Maybe Monday (Monday Resolution Mix) Armand Tee 03:11
Enjoy Your Life (Duncan Remix) Bradley Duncan 02:42
Le Serment (Opus Mix) La Phonique 02:59