Album picture of Shake the House Right, Vol. 8

Shake the House Right, Vol. 8



Titres de l'album

From Deep (Classic House Mix) Martin Franklin Project 03:10
Comata Sioux (Sioux Banshee Mix) Blue Marlin 03:14
Electro Dance (Electro 70's Mix) Dr. Drummer 03:04
Lounge on the Beach (Dry Inspired Mix) Dry Static 03:08
Just About Anything (Anything at All Mix) New Deep 03:09
Ready to Meet (Made Friends Mix) Deep Contamination 02:46
Hell of Angels (Deep N' Dope) Deep Dome 03:10
Take Me Up (Disco House Lines Mix) Jeff Riviera 02:57
Breakfast in Pool (Deepest Pool in the House Mix) Ai Gee 02:54
My Link (Linked Results Mix) Techtron 03:08