Album picture of House Masterclass, Vol. 3

House Masterclass, Vol. 3



Titres de l'album

Luxury Think (Luxyry Bassline Mix) Kord Steven 03:07
Original Freedom Babes (Free Your Body Mix) Joe Hale 03:16
Sonique (Kharisma Grooves Mix) Glitter Avenue 02:59
Quasar 111 (The Stars Exploding Mix) Robert White 02:57
Camperdown (Ancient Mix) The Philosopher 03:15
Mojito Cha (Mojito Dancin Mix) Sunny Rhythms 03:14
Barbed Tree (Bassline Commando Mix) Bailey Whitfield 03:02
Down Town Club (Deep Downtown Mix) Night Flavours 03:00
Knowing Not (Hay2Esday Mix) Danny Hay 03:00
House Harmony (Underscore Institute Mix) A Project 02:58