Album picture of Cool Music for Cool People - Vol.7

Cool Music for Cool People - Vol.7



Titres de l'album

Dinamite (Earth Kitchen's Lounge Mix) Look Right 03:16
Seeks and Finds (Short Cut Mix) Next Project 03:04
Attached to Life (Life Chill Mix) Chill Ars Project 03:12
The Lounge Again (Sex Chill Mix) Dario J 03:07
Small Mountain (Bob's Mountainside Mix) Bob Lewis 02:58
I Catch You (Mid Cut Mix) Midtempo Lovers 02:58
Obbligo (Australian Box Mix) Soul Traffic Ensemble 03:16
Encendido (Sariska in Time Mix) Spike Melo 03:15
Lean on Me (Sydney Lounge Mix) Key of Dreams 03:06
Cappuccino (Roman Lounge Mix) Roma Lounge Project 02:57