Album picture of The Club Star Fest -, Vol. 2

The Club Star Fest -, Vol. 2



Titres de l'album

Let's Have a Party Tonight (Hay's Wellness Mix) Danny Hay 03:03
El Mago Cabron (Yo Soy El Mago) El Mago 05:20
Many Hills (Hillside Mix) Flowers & Butterfly 03:06
Night Sex (Glamour Deep Mix)


Glamour Sound 03:12
Island Aurora (The Riviera Guy Remix Project) The Riviera Guy 02:32
The Concert (The Mix) Piano Lovers 03:12
Upside Down (Remix) The Model Motel, Oganna 02:59
Good Evening My City (Alex's Remix) Alexander Bak 02:46
I Feel You (House Vocal Night Mix) Magic Solution, Kamille J 03:05
To Get Even with Carl (Average Mix) Marl 03:38