Album picture of Electronic Darkness (Downtempo Chillout Electronica Beats)

Electronic Darkness (Downtempo Chillout Electronica Beats)



Titres de l'album

From Now On (Sentimental Cinematic Mix) X-Vacancy 05:33
Looking out from the Inside (Downbeat Vocal Mix) Lady Tut 05:07
Electric Eye (No Gravity Chillout Mix) Hibernation Pods 04:43
Euterpe (Giver of Delight Mix) Nine Muses 03:51
Electric Sunrise (Orbital Relay Mix) Electric Echoes, Barbra Ocean 04:16
A Shade of Jade (Downtempo Lounge Mix) Sapphire Blue 04:40
Transparent (Spheric Electronic Mix) Dragnet 04:26
The Missing Link (Chillwave Mix) Paperback 04:33
Private Show (Vocal Downbeat Mix) Amir Continentale, Lana Kolony 05:02
Everything Changed (Deep Electronic Chillin' Mix) Loretta Crouch 04:24