Album picture of Party Electronique! -, Vol. 8

Party Electronique! -, Vol. 8



Titres de l'album

Smelly Erosion (Water Consumption Mix) Dumping Waffle 03:15
Double Night (Deep Bass Mix) Cheecago Deep Grooves 03:01
New Horizons (New Cut) Frank Falcon 03:05
Fly with Soul (The Condor Mix) Patrik Moore 03:09
I Give You (House Dept Mix) Markus Monson 03:04
Looking For Love (Extreme Cut) Velvet Grooves 03:15
Shot (Stylish Mix) Style Industry 03:01
Crater (Electric Piano Love Mix) The Philosopher 03:07
Executioner (The Executionist Mix) Frank Baston 02:59
Take a Look (Glare Mix) Matrah, Mhara 03:13