Album picture of Atmospherical Light Setup - Vol.7

Atmospherical Light Setup - Vol.7



Titres de l'album

Domenica (Moods Cuts Mix) Seventy Moods 03:07
Lover (Formentera Chillout Mix) Formentera Bros. 03:03
Narciso (Flow Lounge Mix) Lounge Flowers 02:58
Fire (Amontillado's Lounge Mix) Composition N 03:15
Sig (Magic Chill Mix) Magic Mike 03:01
What Else (Bridge over Sexy Rhubarb Mix) Eldon De backer 02:57
Cedros (Glass Hours Mix) Pacifico Vol 1 03:06
Mo (Chill Zone Mix) AMS 03:10
Acoustic Place (Florence Mix) Tuscany 03:12
Magic Bird (Lounge Sensations Mix) Mr X and Y 03:15