Titres de l'album

Crazy For Your Love (Garage Vip Mix) Callibry 04:20
Use That House (Garage Vip Mix) Louis De Vega 04:47
Music Is Gonna Get You (Garage Vip Mix) Universal Date 04:42
I Give You Love (Garage Vip Mix) Kid The House 04:38
Is For The Rhythm (Brad Cooper Bass House Mix) Justin Berger 04:22
Stayin Home (Garage Vip Mix) Mark Ikin 05:02
We Got It (Garage Vip Mix) Dave Rodrigues 04:04
Givin It Up (Garage Vip Mix) Oliver Newman 04:40
Bassline Drops (Mark Gabriels Dub Mix) Christopher G 04:40
Smog (Garage Vip Dub Mix) Mike Perfecto 04:53