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Surrender to House



Titres de l'album

My Morning Sun (Electric Mix) Giga Boss 03:08
I Owe It All to You (Rising Mix) Micro Soul System 03:08
Move On (99's Disck Mix) Peter Abelsen, Jonna Donna 03:07
Once in a New Moon (Deepology Mix) George Dee 03:15
Mr. Chairman (The Love Poem Mix) Melody System 03:11
All Night (Disco & Disco Mix) Gene Axton, Rossane Red 03:20
In the City (Worldwide Mix) Tronika, Lolla Golla 03:07
Ear Me Tonight (Bad Girl Mix) Speed System, Beejay 03:14
The River Siren (Funk'n'disco Mix) Tommy Goldwater 03:14
Mystery Shopper (Deejay Mix) X Rhythms 03:10