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Cool Lounge



Titres de l'album

Cool Lounge (Piano & Chill Mix) Gaba Milani 03:00
Gaelic (Island Mix) Port Grimaud Lovers 03:14
You Have the Power (Vox Mix) Jeff Matera 03:08
Incontri Notturni (Woman's Chill Edit) Backsoul System 03:01
Waiting for the Dawn (Slow Edit) Slow Rhythms 03:11
Body in Motion (Boss Mix) Ralphie Boss 03:10
Estax (Chill Avenue Mix) Avenue 8 03:07
The Lake (Lounge Project Mix) The V Project 03:00
Un Attimo (Ultimate Cocktails Mix) Purechill 03:05
Playing for You (Players Mix) Fashion Lovers 03:03