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Titres de l'album

Digital Dog Redalice 03:31
Scarlet Wings (Long Ver) (feat. Ayumi Nomiya) Redalice 03:48
ANGEL HALO (Long ver) (with cosMo@bousouP) Redalice 03:17
Take on the World (Long Ver) Redalice 03:32
Dead or Die (Long Ver) Redalice 03:22
Alive Redalice 03:25
Merlin (Long Ver) Redalice 03:44
Super Fury (Long Ver) Redalice 03:15
Levatein (Long Ver) (feat. Ayumi Nomiya) Redalice 03:22
Buchigire Berserker (Long Ver) (with MASAKI) Redalice 03:47