Album picture of Total Coverage, Vol. 5

Total Coverage, Vol. 5



Titres de l'album

Black Catcher (from "Black Clover") Amalee 03:16
Rise (From "The Rising of the Shield Hero") Amalee, NateWantsToBattle 03:25
Gurenge (From "Demon Slayer") Amalee 03:55
NO-LIMIT (from "Fairy Tail") Amalee 03:21
Guess Who Is Back (From "Black Clover") Amalee 03:36
Voracity (From "Overlord III") Amalee 03:46
Touch Off (From "The Promised Neverland") Amalee 01:29
Netsujou no Spectrum (from "Seven Deadly Sins") Amalee 03:27
Ready To (From "BNA: Brand New Animal") Amalee 03:17
TOP (from "Tower of God") Amalee 03:19

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