Album picture of Bar Lounge Costes Vol.3

Bar Lounge Costes Vol.3

M-Sol Project


Titres de l'album

Starry Night (Original Mix) Marga Sol 05:47
The Unknown (Original MIx) Eivissarts 05:53
Time to Go (Revisited Remix) Chris le Blanc, Florito 04:32
Like the River Flows Chillson, Marc Hartman 04:59
Ain't That Bad (Original Mix) Schwarz & Funk 05:04
Just Get It The Soul Crusaders 04:18
Almost Home (Cocktail Bar Mix) Martin Liege 03:37
Melodias E Preposicoes (Instrumental Mix) Evandro Reis 03:00
Angelina Dharma Buds 05:40
Just Dreaming (Original Mix) Soul Trend 03:32